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Landlords - Rent Your Property in Leeds

As professional letting agents it is our responsibility to ensure a smooth process for both tenant and landlord - we know that for our business to be a success, we need to keep all parties happy. As we specialise in student accommodation, we can help you to rent your property in Leeds if you want to appeal to the student market - although our main target audience is students, we also offer rental properties to professionals and families too.

So if you're interested in becoming a professional or student landlord and you'd like to rent a property you own in Leeds, you've come to the right place! We can help you to find a tenant that fits your requirements and we're always on hand to offer tailored advice to help you get the most out of your landlord experience.

Leeds has a high population of students due to its impressive number of educational facilities, including the University of Leeds and Leeds Metropolitan University, which in turn provides a huge amount of opportunities for you to get a good return on your property investment. Additionally, Leeds has a fast growing economy and business sector that is attracting new professionals into the area all the time. This gives you a fantastic choice when it comes to the audience you would like to market your property to - and A-Team Properties is here to help you every step of the way.

When renting your property as a professional or student landlord in Leeds, our letting agents will provide both you and your tenants with professionally created contracts to ensure protection for both parties. We also offer two different types of services to our student landlords in Leeds: let only or full management.


UNIPOL Registered Student Landlords - Our Services 

When renting out a property in Leeds, some landlords wish to remain in full control of the rent collection and property inspections themselves; keeping them in touch with their tenants and giving them the chance to make their own checks on their properties. Alternatively, some landlords prefer to hand over full responsibility of the management of their rental property to our professional lettings team - when you work with us, the choice is always entirely yours! Our only condition is that if you're renting your property to the student population, we require you to be UNIPOL registered.

As you would expect, our full management service provides the most stress-free option for professional and UNIPOL registered student landlords wishing to rent their properties in Leeds. With this option, we will take care of every stage of the lettings process for you, from beginning to end; allowing you to benefit from the profits of your rental property while we take care of the hard work for you.

Our UNIPOL student landlord full management service includes the following:

  • Arrangement of inventories and schedules of conditions that are required prior to renting your property
  • Readings of the utilities and their submission to your chosen provider 
  • Collection of rent for your professional or student rental property, which will then be paid to you by BACS transfer, less our fees and expenses 
  • Inspections and reports carried out on your property rental at quarterly intervals, coordinating minor repairs up to an agreed limit and settling invoices from rents received 
  • Advise you when the tenancy is coming to an end and seek your instructions for either selling or renting your property again 
  • Full property inspection and inventory at the end of the tenancy period 
  • Agree any dilapidations (over and above fair wear and tear) with tenants before releasing their deposit 
  • Arrangement of any necessary cleaning and minor repairs, deducting costs from the tenant's deposit where applicable and agreed 
  • Monitor rent payments on your professional or student let and alert you if tenants fall behind or breach their tenancy agreement


A-Team Properties - A Comprehensive Service

Once you've taken the step of deciding to rent your Leeds-based property, you want the reassurance of knowing that you've put your home in the hands of true experts who have your best interests at heart. A-Team Properties provides a comprehensive range of services for all of our landlords, helping them to get the very best out of their property rental experience.

To ensure maximum exposure when it comes to renting your property, all accommodation from our UNIPOL registered student landlords are advertised on key online portholes, including:






If you'd like to contact our professional and student letting company in Leeds to discuss renting your property or becoming a UNIPOL registered student landlord, please get in touch and we'll be happy to answer your questions and provide any help you require.